Famous Members

For over 170 years, Zeta Psi has scaffolded our undergraduate brothers to be better leaders in their careers, their communities, and in service to all humankind. We have been fortunate to have played role in the lives of countless inspirational men throughout the years. Here is a list of some Zetes who have powerfully impacted the world listed in their most prominent area of achievement. 

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Jim Cantalupo
(Chairman & CEO of McDonalds)

Joseph Cullman III
(CEO Phillip Morris)

Jon K. Grant
(Chairman & CEO, Quaker Oats Canada)

Roderick M. Hills
(chairman of the U.S. Securities  Exchange Commission)

Eric Molson
(Chairman of Molson Coors Brewing Co.)

Peter Mondavi, Jr
(Co-Proprietor at Charles Krug Winery)

Ian Murray
(Co-Founder and CEO, Vineyard Vines)

Brian Roberts
(Chairman and CEO of Comcast)

Eric Wente
(Chairman, Wente Bros. Winery)

Dick Yuengling
(President & Owner Yuengling Beer)


Albert E. “Dal” Grauer, Ph.D.
(CEO, British Columbia Electric)

Ronald G. Greene
(Chairman and CEO, Renaissance Energy)

Stephen D. Pryor
(President, Exxon Mobile Corp.)


James A. Forese
(Co-President, Citigroup)

William Harrison Jr
(Chairman & CEO JPMorgan Chase)e

Roderick M. Hills
(Chairman, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commitee)

Jefferson W. Kirby
(Chairman, Alleghany Corporation)

E. Pierce Marshall
(President and CEO, Elevage Capital Mgt)

Peter J. Nolan
(President, Nolan Capital, Inc.)

Shaun F. O'Malley
(CEO, Price Waterhouse)

Julian Robertson Jr
(Founder, Tiger Magmt Company)

James D. Terlizzi
(Chairman, DRB Capital LLC)

Dean Witter
(Founder, Dean Witter & Co.)


Albert R. Dowden
(President & CEO, Volvo North)

Mark Fields
(President & CEO, Ford Motor Co.)

Henry Ford II
(Chairman & CEO Ford Motor Co.)


David Brain
(President of EPR Properties)

Ara Kevork Hovnanian
(President & CEO, Hovnanian Enterprises)


Jim Balsillie
(Co-CEO, Research in Motion)

James D. Fleck
(Chairman, ATI Technologies)

Anthony Griffiths
(Chairman & CEO Mitel Corp)

Brian L. Roberts
(CEO of Comcast Corporation)


Erksine Bowles
(President University of North Carolina)

Kingman Brewster
(President, Yale University)

Rev. John Denning
(President Stonehill College)

William Pepper
(Provost of the University of Pennsylvania)

Dr. Julius Stratton
(President of MIT)

Henry Suzzallo
(President University of Washington)

Entertainment & Media

Mark Badagliacca
(CFO, Paramount Pictures)

Dean Cain
(Actor, Superman)

(American singer, songwriter, and record producer)

Arthur Motley
(Founder, Parade Magazine)

Dizzy Reed
(Guns N' Roses Keyboardist)

Mike Smerconish
(Radio Host & CNN Anchor)

Brian Sullivan
(Co-Anchor of CNBC's "Worldwide Exchange")

Dick Wolf
(Creator of "Law & Order" franchise)


The Rt. Hon. Brian Dickson, PC, CC
(Chief Justice Supreme Court of Canada)

Arthur J. Gajarsa
(U.S. Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit)

Roy McMurtry
(Chief Justice of Ontario)

Hon. Allan H.J. Wachowich
(Chief Justice, Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta)


Carl Burns
(Author, "Centaurs in Vietnam: Untold Stories of the First Year)

Dr. Stephen Leacock, FRSC
(Best-selling writer & economist)

Dr Benjamin Spock
(Author of 14 parenting books)

Lincoln Steffens
(Muckracker, Author, "The Shame of the Cities")


Rear Admiral, James J. Carey
(US Navy)

Jeff Cooper
(Lt. Col., USMC, Handgun Innovator)

Frederick Fisher
(Recipient of the Victoria Cross)

John McCrae, M.D
(Lt. Col., Author "In Flanders Fields")

James Parker
(US Army, Medal of Honor)

Charles E. Phelps
(Brigadier General, U.S. Army, Medal of Honor)

Thomas O. Seaver
(Col. U.S. Army, Medal of Honor)


Lawrence Heisey
(Officer of the Order of Canada)

Fred Morgan Kirby
(President, F.M. Kirby Foundation)

Sir John Templeton
(Founder of Templeton Growth Fund)



James Budd
(Governor of California)

William Comstock
(Governor of Michigan)

Seldon Connor
(Governor of Maine)

Gray Davis
(Governor of California)

Howard Dean
(Governor of Vermont)

Nelson Dingley Jr
(Governor of Maine)

Dr. Elisha Dyer, Jr
(Governor of Rhode Island)

Edward I. Edwards
(Governor of New Jersey)

William Miliken
(Governor of Michigan)

George Robinson
(Governor of Massachusetts)

Pete Wilson
(Governor of California)


William Benton
(Connecticut Senator)

Scott Brown
(Massachusetts Senator)

Prescott Bush
(Connecticut Senator, Father of Pres. George H. Bush)

Gilbert Hitchcock
(Nebraska Senator)

William Knowland
(Senate Minority Leader)

George W. Pepper
(Pennsylvania Senator)


Bertrand Gearhart
(U.S. Representative from California)

Angier Goodwin
(U.S. Representative from Massachusetts)

Jon Edward Nelson
(U.S. Representative from Maine)

Charles A. Sumner
(U.S. Representative from California)


Les Aspin
(U.S. Secretary of Defense)

Richard A Ballinger
(U.S. Secretary of the Interior)

Edmund J. Bristol
(House of Commons of Canada)

John G. Sargent
(U.S. Attorney General)


Dr. John Bardeen
(Two-time Nobel Prize winner)

Dr. Alfred Kinsey
(Biology & Sex Researcher)



Bob Boone
(4x MLB All Star)

Joe Maddon
(MLB Manager)

Bruce Robinson
(MLB Catcher)

William Shea
(Namesake of Shea Stadium)


John R. Brodie

Ken Dilger
(NFL TE, Super Bowl Champion)

Tommy Fears
(NFL Hall of Fame)

Red Grange
(aka. "The Galloping Ghost")

Milt McColl
(2x Superbowl Linebacker)

Bert LaBrucherie
(UCLA and CalTech football coach)